Ultimate Way to Make Perfect Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta Chicken. Transfer chicken from marinade onto grill surface and discard marinade. Transfer the chicken to a serving plate and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Spoon bruschetta mixture over chicken and top with basil; serve immediately.

Loosely cover baking dish with foil. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper and place on a sheet pan. Toast in the oven until golden, but still a. You can make Bruschetta Chicken using 11 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Bruschetta Chicken

  1. It’s 2 of large chicken breats.
  2. You need of Italian dressing, for marinating chicken.
  3. Prepare of Salt and pepper, to taste.
  4. Prepare of Italian seasoning.
  5. It’s of Garlic powder.
  6. Prepare 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half.
  7. Prepare 1/2 of yellow onion, roughly diced.
  8. You need 1 tbsp. of Olive oil.
  9. You need of Balsamic vinegar.
  10. It’s of Shredded mozzarella cheese.
  11. You need of Freshly grated parmesan cheese.

While the chicken is baking, add all of the ingredients for the bruschetta to a bowl and toss to combine. When chicken is cooked through, remove from the oven and top with the mozzarella. This Easy Bruschetta Chicken recipe is made with tender chicken breast pieces coated in garlic and spices that are grilled, then topped with a fresh tomato and basil topping. A little drizzle of balsamic glaze takes the flavors over the top!

Bruschetta Chicken step by step

  1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, then marinate it with some Italian dressing for 30 mins to an hour at least. Once your ready to cook, preheat the oven to 350°F and line a baking pan with tinfoil and grease it. Lay out the chicken in the center..
  2. Toss the sliced tomatoes and onions together with the oil and season them to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder and Italian. I usually also toss in a splash of Italian dressing to them as well. Spread them out over the baking pan..
  3. Bake until the chicken is cooked through, then remove the pan from the oven. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar over each chicken breast and top with the mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Broil for a couple minutes to melt the cheese..

A quick, low-carb, delicious dinner idea that's perfect for busy weeknights. In a large bowl, make bruschetta topping: Stir together tomatoes, olive oil, shallot, garlic, and basil and. This was the bowl of bruschetta topping I had leftover after the dinner. Cut some boneless, skinless chicken breasts in half to create two thinner breast pieces. Spoon the bruschetta over the chicken.

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