Recipe: Delicious Lasagna – with homemade Bechamel sauce

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Lasagna – with homemade Bechamel sauce. McCormick® Brings You A Hearty Lasagna Recipe. Its Easy To Assemble & Easier To Eat. Layered With Cheese & Meat Sauce – Try The Traditional Italian Recipe For A Perfect Feast!

Lasagna - with homemade Bechamel sauce Pro tip – I like to start with a cold pan with oil and garlic, to get more flavor from the garlic before I add the rest of the veggies. Then, add the ground beef and pork. There is nothing more delicious than a home made baked lasagna! You can make Lasagna – with homemade Bechamel sauce using 11 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Lasagna – with homemade Bechamel sauce

  1. It’s of Minced beef.
  2. Prepare of Minced white onions, spring onions, minced garlic and tomatoes.
  3. Prepare of Salt and pepper, oregano, dried thyme, paprika, cumin, and curry.
  4. You need of Lasagna noodles.
  5. Prepare of For sauce: Milk, flour, Butter.
  6. It’s of For sauce: Your choice of cheese (mozzarella is best).
  7. Prepare of Tomato paste sauce (optional).
  8. It’s of Tomato paste.
  9. You need of Tomato puree.
  10. It’s 3 of cheese or pizza sauce (red).
  11. It’s of Spices: thyme, oregano, rosemary.

You will be surprised to learn how easy is it to make perfect lasagna, maybe the most classic. For the bechamel, bring the milk to a simmer in a saucepan. Stir the hot milk into the butter-flour mixture. This recipe without bechamel sauce usually uses marinara sauce and cheese.

Lasagna – with homemade Bechamel sauce step by step

  1. In a pot, add white onions and half of the cut spring onions, minced beef..
  2. Add minced garlic, minced tomatoes, spring onions, and tomato paste. Tip: best lasagna beef is one that's rich in sauce so don't be afraid to add more paste if you want.
  3. Seasoning: salt and pepper, oregano, dried thyme, paprika, cumin, and curry.
  4. Add a little bit of water or beef stock (ever so slightly) and let it simmer till it's cooked down.
  5. Prepare the Bechamel sauce: In a pot, butter until melted, flour, whisk very well, then add milk (slowly), then and the cheese (slowly) then a bit of paprika.
  6. In a buttered baking dish, add a bit of tomato paste on the dish, then add beef, then on top of beef add tomato paste sauce if needed, lasagna noodles, beef again, then the Bechamel sauce, then some mozzarella cheese or your choice of cheese, then tomato paste again, then lasagna noodles, beef… and repeat for one or two more times..
  7. Last layer: lasagna noodles topped with the sauce and then mozzarella.
  8. Cover it with foil and leave it 30 minutes in a preheated 180degree oven, then remove foil and add another 20 minutes or until the cheese layer looks brown.

However, in this recipe, the bechamel sauce must remain because this recipe uses a classic recipe. You can find béchamel sauce or white sauce in various foods, such as lasagna, pasta, monsieur croque, and so on. I only used the bechamel recipe as I cheated with pasta sauce but will try the bolognaise recipe soon because my husband LOVED the lasagna and said it was the best he had ever had in his life! That is a lot of years of having lasagna, so I reckon that the sauce recipe will be just as good! Pour half of the remaining hot milk into the saucepan in small increments, whisking the mixture constantly, until a smooth paste forms.

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