Recipe: Perfect Beef vegetable stew with Korean chili oil twist

Beef vegetable stew with Korean chili oil twist.

You can have Beef vegetable stew with Korean chili oil twist using 23 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Beef vegetable stew with Korean chili oil twist

  1. You need of Vegetable.
  2. Prepare 4 sticks of Celery.
  3. You need 5 pcs of Red round radish.
  4. It’s of Gem potato 5-8 pcs. PC 3 colour potato.
  5. It’s 2 pcs of Carrot.
  6. Prepare 6-8 pcs of Button Mushroom.
  7. You need of Spices.
  8. Prepare of Ginger.
  9. You need of Garlic.
  10. Prepare of Onion.
  11. It’s of Beef seasoning spices.
  12. It’s of Other.
  13. You need of Tomato paste.
  14. Prepare of Flour.
  15. You need of Beefstock/broth + 1 cube beef.
  16. Prepare of Protein.
  17. Prepare 1 kg of Beef.
  18. It’s of Chilli oil.
  19. You need of Oil.
  20. It’s of Onion.
  21. You need of Chili flakes.
  22. Prepare of Chili powder.
  23. It’s of Sesame oil.

Beef vegetable stew with Korean chili oil twist step by step

  1. Season beef with salt and paper, onion powder, oregano, sun dried tomato- go crazy. Keep refrigerated for 2 hrs to 12 hrs..
  2. Coat beef with flour. Brown beef on hot oil and high heat. Keep oil level low and small number of beef in pan so that beef dont steam. Set aside browned beef..
  3. Optional: sauté mushroom on butter untill soft. Set mushroom and butter residue aside with beef..
  4. Soften onion on same pan.. Try not to add much oil..
  5. Add tomato paste. Sauté untill raw tomato scent goes away. Add garlic ginger..
  6. Add flour 2 table spoon cook 2 to 3 minutes..
  7. Add half of beef broth and boil. Keep stirring..
  8. Add last half beef broth. Dissolve beef cube in 3 cup boiling water. Add that water with beef broth..
  9. Tug 2 bay leaves, 4 cloves, 4 cardamom, 2 cinnamon sticks and 1 stick rosemary..
  10. Bring to boil in high heat. Add vegetable. Simmer in low heat for 1 hour. Add frozen peas 5 minutes before finish..
  11. Alternately sweet potato can be added but should be added ar the last because sweet potato melt like lava :(.
  12. Make chilli oil by browning onion in hot oil. Add chilli flakes and dry red chilli. When red chilli changes color add red pepper as much as required so that the oil dry out and make a paste like mixture. Add sesame oil..
  13. Add the chilli oil before serving or can be used to marinate vegetables before adding..

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